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Miralash is a revolutionary lange-wimpern-serum.de eyelash enhancer. Its ingredients make it exceptional and much more effective than other enhancers. It is recommended by cosmetologists, film and modeling industry specialists. Moreover, Miralash is constantly in the centre of attention of women around the world.

Miralash is the wimpernserum-wachstum.de key to long, think and luscious lashes.

That's my current mascara I like

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That is my current mascara collection, I didn’t realise I have this many mascaras until I fixed my constitute drawer today. Most of them are almost new, I like to try them to see which works best and depending weather if I have my lash to look more natural or more volumising. I don’t keep track on what old they're but I might toss them out if the consistency had change or if they no further work as I really like them to be.

When I try to look for mascaras, the criteria I look for are clump free, smudge free and either lengthening or volumising or both. All my mascaras barely smudges or offer you panda eyes after running in the rain.

Mascara is a must-have. It opens up the eyes and perhaps adds extra glam to a look. I rarely wear false eyelashes and therefore, I depend on mascara to glam up my makeup when venturing out. But you will discover SO MANY mascaras. All of them have bold claims though; length, volume, curl, lasting, waterproof, ‘falsies’ and more. Do they really work?

I put six mascaras with good reviews to the test to see what all of the fuss was about. These kinds of performed well, some performed excellently and many didn’t do so well. This turned out to be less of a war but more a catalogue of good mascaras you can head out and purchase now, and should!

I can’t go a day on Social Media without seeing something about Benefit, it’s hard to figure out which of their services actually deserve a purchase. They’re Real is actually a great mascara. The brush is large enough to catch all my lashes and small enough to coat my lower lashes well. The mascara leaves my lashes looking longer and well separated. Overall, it’s a great look and it enhances what natural lashes are already there, ideal for a day look or dinner. One coat is not too dramatic, but a second coat creates a much more dramatic look.

Maybelline will be the ultimate drugstore mascara brand. Most of their mascaras are impressive as well as perhaps they are so cheap you won’t bat an eyelash buying more than one. The brush applicator is a huge tapered bristle brush with a stem that allows more product to load onto the brush. I’m not really a fan of the applicator but the mascara gives me a good amount of volume, length and curl. It’s a tad too dramatic to daytime wear on my lashes, but it would have been a great enhancement on finer lashes. Used to do wimpernverdichtung could be the.

I love the cover picture of the post. Nice right.

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When I think of Japan, In my opinion mad crazy colorful stuff with hiragana (Japanese characters) splattered all around us. I think that’s what makes Japanese fashion magazine so fun to read - the characters are just there for decoration and you really focus on the apparel, accessories, makeup, and so forth Taiwanese magazines follow that style rather closely, but I can read Chinese therefore i end up spending some time trying to browse the traditional Chinese characters and that eliminates half the fun. Lol.

Okinawa was advertised as ‘Hawaii of the East’ by the air station that I listen to and joined the tour group, hence the tropical feel. You are able to read about my awesome Okinawa trip here!

Did you manage to spot these in the first picture? You’re really sharp in the event that you did! *clap clap whistle whistle

They've been the shisa lions plus they can be seen on rooftops and entrances of buildings and also, almost everywhere in Okinawa. Used to ward off evil and keep good spirits, these traditional Ryukyuan decoration resemble a cross between a lion and a dog. They come in pairs and their gender is disputable. You actually can see them everywhere as they’re from Okinawan mythology. Some look very fierce, while some look as cute as anime.

It was exceptional wimpern verlängern to supply each of us a pair!

Here’s what I purchased at the SAN-A Naha Main Place Shopping Mall! It’s a pity I don’t have images to show you guys of the place and all the endless counters and shelves of products. The makeup arena is not too large, maybe….. in regards to the size of Ngee Ann City Watsons? But I managed to stay there for two hours while The Boyfriend patiently waited.

That he kept following me around and refused to go sit down for the first hour because he said that he was afraid I would get kidnapped. Lol! His legs finally gave way and he visited sit down. I made sure to mention hi every now and then.

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